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Aug 27, 2013 8:00pm EDT
world war with no technology , no more than 40 monuments officers' ever in 100 and northern europe, if we can do the job we did then we can certainly do a better job today that is why in 2007 for the preservation of life to show a few minutes of the initial years of our work. ♪ ♪ >> in particular general eisenhower of our cultural treasures is the return of the stolen property the monuments mint those that affected the policy, their legacy is rich and filled how to protect cultural treasures. but their legacy has all that been lost. we as a nation pay a high price for not having utilized that and time is running now. we are announcing today the creation of the preservation of art the mission is to preserve the legacy of the budget and then during world war ii to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting civilization's most important artistic and cultural treasures. >> recognizing the monuments nin and what we are doing today is very appropriate. thank you for the awareness of this part of preservation in the world for the future. video. >> [inaudible] >> event also
Aug 22, 2013 8:00pm EDT
out number 22. that is very serious. in the age of technology and the information age, we produce 70% of engineers. china produces 400,000 engineers. you know, this is serious stuff. we're talking about the future and our role in the future. and we need to begin to make adjustments. we need to make them quite soon. we cannot sit around and be enamored of support and entertainment and sports and glitz and glamour. i think we all get it. because we are the pinnacle nation in the world right now. have another pinnacle nation's forests. ancient egypt, greece. clinical nations. number one, no competition. going to be there forever. or so they thought. so what happened to each and every one of them? basically they became enamored with sports and entertainment and lifestyles of the rich and famous. they turned a blind eye to political corruption. they lost their moral compass and went right down the tubes. some will say that actually happened to the united states. but i think an honest assessment would demonstrate that it is already in the process of happening. the real question is can we b
Aug 26, 2013 8:30pm EDT
now are applied to internet access of that giant pipe. they are moving technology that would make the pipe essentially undifferentiated. all the same stuff but the gatekeeper the cable company can pick and choose among communications and look at whatever it wants to, send some communications. in topeka when you thought you were going to chicago all twisting dials that would remove the threat to them of competition from services that they would like to sell to americans. think of anything home security video whatever it is, cable guys can choose what will feel more alive to the consumer and can pick and choose among what goes on line and deliver that to households. it's like living in a gated community. taking the idea of the internet which is all about not having to ask permission and being able to ask anybody in the world and sticky mats on top of the infrastructure which absolutely is controlled by four or five gatekeepers. there is a big conflict there and the threats are very real. >> host: you you have been restrained so far in your book is very much a story about. you mentioned
Aug 29, 2013 8:00pm EDT
me today. specific program managers are afraid of applying l.e.d. technology because in the short-term it costs more and they are evaluated specifically on a one-year timeframe for money even though the system can't cut a lifetime system that l.e.d. lights will save thousands of hours in replacement costs. that is not -- they stick with legacy systems. if you were to spend money right now it would save you money in the long runs. >> to piggyback on that i come from industry and even an industry innovation takes a long time to end up with the widgets in the gadgets. let's look at cars. cell phones have been ubiquitous in people's hands for a long time. finally in 2014 models are starting to everett ties the cell phone holder next to the cupholder. that is not even technological and evasion. it's just someone that says i'm designing a car and i will just kind of peace over that okay so this is industry. this is a buildup industry from detroit that says what is competing with the best of the best so it's just a mindset or look at tablets. tablets have been ubiquitous for a long time
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4